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14 Things To Let Go Of To Be Happy

Things To Let Go To Be Happy
  1. TOXIC PEOPLE:- They say ‘Misery loves company! Your energy levels will never rise above the kind of people you hang out with often. Toxic people suck the energy out of your life and then blame you for it too! So make sure you hang with the people who inspire you to do better.
  2. TOXIC THOUGHTS:- No matter how angry or upset you are with someone never ever, never, wish for something bad to happen to them. You want to keep your karma cycle clean. Instead pray for peace and love for them.
  3. GOSSIP:- I have managed to stay away from gossip since my school days and have never been a fan of it. It might make you feel better at that point in time but trust me you will end up feeling miserable. Write it if you have to but talking about it with the intention of gossiping or putting someone in bad light will only hamper your personal growth.
  4. VENGEANCE:- The answer to hurt is never vengeance, it’s to let go and pray for peace and love for them, Vengenace takes productive energy away from you and leave you empty and aimless in the end. Let it go and focus on your own growth.
  5. ANGER:- I used to be a rebel when I was little but having seen the pain and misery people go through and understanding them better made me forget my own need to vent out. I no longer get angry on people who hurt me, instead I wish that they learn to live in peace and kindness. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, when you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha
  6. EGO:- Again I can say it from my ow experience, it took me a lot of hurt to realise that ego serves no purpose. We are here for a very short time, make sure you spend it spreading love and kindness. Trust me, making peace with people and being compassionate feels much better than making friends with your EGO.
  7. FEAR OF GETTING HURT:- In life we will get hurt, we will experience unpleasant emotions, we will know things that are out of control because ‘C’est la vie’! Harbouring fear of experiencing unpleasant emotions will keep you from giving a fair chance to life. Life is beautiful for those who see it with the eyes of a painter!
  8. UNFORGIVENESS:– We are humans and we make errors. If not we would be machines. Forgive people no matter how big the hurt is. No amount of hate or resentment is bigger than the emotion of love and kindness. Be kind to those who are unkind to you, infact be extra kind to them because they are the ones who are actually struggling in life and need love the most.
  9. MULLING OVER THE PAST:- ‘Past is history, future is a mystery, all we have is this very moment.’ Cherish it! Your past got you where your today but your today will take your where you want to go. Choose wisely!
  10. MAGNIFYING YOUR PROBLEMS:- If you actively take interest in life around you, you will realise how tough life is for some people while we can only sit back and feel sad over trivial matters. Learn to look beyond your own problems. One person may not be able to change the world but we can individually make a difference, no matter how small it is.
  11. ALWAYS BLAMING OTHERS:- If you want to grow in life, learn to take responsibility of your actions. A trying person is everything and if you don’t own up to your bad habits or unkind acts you may still be clinging on to them while those around you move on to a better life.
  12. LOW SELF ESTEEM:- A low self esteem will always put you at the risk of fights and arguments. Learn to laugh at yourself while accepting that you are not perfect, nobody is. Take constructive criticism positively, afterall you are the one who is going to benefit from it.
  13. DIGITAL RELATIONSHIPS AND ATTACHMENTS:-Connect with people in real life, you will get ample opportunities to look beyond the digital world. Instead of a text message, call up people who matter. Instead of appreciating people online, tell them in person. Instead of lookinf for real connections on instagram, look out your window, you have neighbours, friends, strangers who showed kindness for no reason, make efforts to connect with them. Digital world will give you digital love, real world will give you real love. It’s that simple.
  14. SELF-LOATHING:- You should always be your favourite person. As I always say to my sister, “your own cup of love should be overflowing, only then you will have enough to give away.” Never ever bash yourself for your mistakes especially the ones that occurred out of sheer innocence. Instead realise it and do better next time.

I hope you like this post. I am not a perfect person but I am a trying person. Self growth is something I feel very passionate about. Because if we are not growing we might as well be dead! If you feel you have something substantial to add to this post please mention in the comment section below.

See you in next post!

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