Dealing with Acne!

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Acne is one situation almost everybody deals with, at some point in life.A lot of times it takes away our confidence leaving us helpless and disappointed.Let’s understand the causes first and how to deal with them specifically:-

1.Lifestyle:Our skin is at it’s healthiest when it’s free from toxins. Excess consumption of oil, spices, protein, salt, sugar, caffeine, fats etc may lead to build up of toxins in our body which further causes acne, skin tags, whiteheads etc.Therefore it’s important to eat healthy and  more of water based food and also to exercise daily to free our body of toxins.

2.Touching face frequently:-The skin on our face is extremely sensitive to bacteria and dirt. Try not to touch it except for when it’s really necessary like cleansing and moisturising.

3.Not removing make up properly or at all before sleep:-I am sure a lot of us are guilty of going the lazy way and skipping the most important step of skin care i.e removing make up before sleep.Make up products contain chemicals which are too harsh for our delicate skin.When not removed properly the chemicals build up on the skin surface causing oil production, acne, rashes, allergy etc.

4.Allergy to certain foods:Each human body system is unique ,and accepts food differently. While certain foods might cause allergy to one person it may work just fine for another.It’s important to pay attention to our digestive system to figure out what foods our body favours  and what it doesn’t accept. Like for me, milk and eggs cause inflammation in my body while I am fine consuming yogurt and other dairy products. So know your system and eat accordingly.

5.Hormonal Changes:-This is one are wherein you just have to be patient.Some people get a lot of acne at the onset of puberty while some face stretch marks etc like me. So don’t try to fight it unnecessarily. Just be patient and do the best you can like eating healthy, working out and getting enough sleep.

Also please be patient while dealing with skin issues. Everything takes time to show effect. Love yourself the way you are!

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