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5 Self Help Books You Must Read!

I am a lover of books and I love to read and watch content that helps me grow as a person! That’s probably one of the reasons I keep quoting a lot of writers in conversations;)….In this post I have compiled a list of 5 of my favourite books that I recommend you all to read especially if you are always on a lookout for inspiring and motivating stuff !

5.How To Win Friends And Influence People

Out of all the books from Carnegie’s lot  this is one of my favourites. For anyone looking to improve Interpersonal skills and learn to form genuine relationship with people, this is one book which is highly recommended. I love Carnegie’s style because he includes a lot of personal experiences in most of his books which makes reading and learning a treat. Also its very easy to understand and practical to execute. 

4.Chicken Soup For The Soul Series

I don’t remember the number of times I have recommended this series to my friends. A great collection of heart warming stories this book will definitely strike a chord with you if you are an overtly emotional  person like me who’s always looking to find soul searching stories. If you are interested in simple yet moving real life stories, do give this series a try. Chicken Soup For The Soul comes up with new series almost every year and all are of course a reader’s delight .

3.How To Enjoy Your Life And Job

Another one from Carnegie’s self help books. This one majorly focusses on overcoming the mundane nature of life and job. He also talks about techniques on how to win people and how to achieve peace and happiness in everyday life. A must read for most of use especially in today’s times when one tends to give into the make believe world of social media.


If there’s one thing we all wish we could have control over is, it would be our mind. Am I right? I am including myself too in this quest. They say if you can control your mind, you can control most of the nuisance from stealing your peace. Every time I feel I am losing my mind or getting anxious I go back to reading this book and instantly feel calm. Because sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction.


I recently finished reading this one and was amazed at how easily most of us tend to overlook one’s journey when their partner is as successful as the president of The United States of America. In this autobiography Michelle Obama talks about her lesser known life, life which is a separate entity from her husband and America’s  most loved leader. I always wanted to read an autobiography but wasn’t sure which one to start with.I am glad I picked ‘Becoming’ . Next I am going to read is ‘Ironlady’. Do let me know if anyone of you have read that book already. Would love to know your views.

Most of these books are available on amazon

Hope you like my picks. What are some of your favourite books to read when you are looking to get inspired and motivated?

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See you in next post!

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