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5 Things That Can Keep You Going During Tough Times!

The irony about pain is that as much as it hurts it helps you grow too. Ruin is a gift and those who embrace it can conquer almost anything! I can write about it endlessly and confidently because I have my ruins with me and without the pain from certain experiences I would’nt be the person I am today. In this post I am going to list 5 things that got me through tough times! 

  1. Excercise:- I used to be the person who would never ever step into the gym let alone run on a treadmill, but there came a time in my life when I could’nt identify with the person I had become and I was lost. All I had was my body and pieces of hurt. That was the time when I enrolled into gym membership and started working out on a regular basis. Working out made me realise how amazing human body is , its almost magical, the way it can transform. I now workout 5-6 days a week including Yoga and Classical Dance. 
  2. Expressing love to family and friends and people I am grateful towards: Those who know me, know that in my life people come first, everything else is secondary. I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful family and an amazing best friend. They say what you give is what you receive. Everytime I feel lack of love, I ask myself ‘Am I giving enough love? And that’s when I know I need to write letters and express my love to people in my life.
  3. Write:- Writing gives me a lot of comfort and sharing gives me the purpose of my life. I write almost everything I feel. In my case I address it to god, that’s where I derive my strength from. Writing liberates you, it takes off the burden of holding back, especially when you can’t share it with people fearing they might judge you.
  4. Create small moments of happiness:- End of the day all we want is to be happy, to be with people we love and to have someone to share that love with. But how many of us sincerely make an effort to create those small moments of happiness. I never focussed on the importance of small joys of life, until very recently. So now when I go home, I am excited to cook anelaborate meal for my family wherein we all sit and eat together along with endless laughter. I celebrate almost all the festivals( in my own small ways), I write letters on Thanksgiving Day, I look for opportunities to help people out in my everyday life. Trust me, the value of small joys is much more than we know of.
  5. I organise my living space:- I have always been a believer of organising surroundings. It gives me a clear picture of where my life is going, atleast in a tangible sense. Everytime I feel low or unable to focus I start to clean my house, starting from whatever I see right in front of me. It’s almost therapeutic.

These are just few of the things that keep me going whenever I feel low. I am sure the list can go on an on. To sunmarise it, I would just add that we all go through times of uncertainty and pain, that’s how life is but we don’t have to sit like victims of our situation. Find out what works for you, go out, chase the flowers, after all we are here to seek answers to our questions and that’s all there is to life! 

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What keeps you going when you feel lost or uncertain? Do share in the comments section. May be it can help other readers too including me!

See you in next post! 

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