Soul food

A healthy mind is the key to an ever lasting youth!

Making room for Mental Space:-‘KEEPING YOUR MIND CLUTTER FREE’.This is probably the only thing I look for in almost everything I do.Be it work or my personal space, whenever I am in any sort of dilemma I just ask myself one question,’Is this person or activity or environment taking away my mental space?’If the answer is ‘Yes’,I smoothly detach myself from that situation or person and that is called preserving the mental space.Let’s dwell into it a little more. . .

A typical day in our lives involve some form of interaction with people either through a face to face conversation or social media or through random memories playing in our head.Human mind is such that it never sleeps, not even when we are at peace.It keeps spinning thoughts through out the day.We don’t have much of a choice there.But what we do have in our control is the kind of thoughts we let in.And that’s why it’s important to choose wisely what we see and what kind of people we are with.And this also includes the kind of content we see on social media.Say for e.g…I spend 10 minutes of my day browsing through a particular page on Instagram or Facebook which neither adds any value to my life nor does it bring in any positive energy.In this case it is not only wasting my time but my mental space too which I can otherwise utilise to do something more meaningful.

There is so much I can write about mental space but for now let’s start small.Start today, right now by choosing what you see on social media .And every time you click on a page or site, ask ourself just one question:-‘Is it going to clog my mental space?’





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