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About Self love and Self care!


Self love and self care are two things which when worked upon well, lead to a more confident you and a better you but more often than not we tend to overlook this fact, in order to please everybody around us.Lets talk about it a little more. .

We often hear that we must be kind to people around us and spread as much love as we can but do we realise that in order to give away love you must have it in the first place!If you are not focussed on finding your own happiness there is no way in this world that you will be able to make others happy.

So the first step you can take towards your own happiness is by doing one thing everyday that brings you joy.It could be anything, cooking a nice meal, watching a hallmark movie, sitting in silence, dancing to your favourite music or calling a loved one. If you do it consistently you will realise how much love, joy and positivity it brings into each and every aspect of your life.Your relationship with people will change for better and you will no longer feel empty inside.

Remember,your own cup has to be not just full but it should be overflowing with love and happiness in order to be able to share it with other people.

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