Skin Care For Long Lasting Glow!


A healthy skin is the most visually attractive thing in a person.It implies how healthy our lifestyle is.What we feed our body also plays a major role in maintaining good skin.Following are  my few easy-to-follow skin care routine to achieve a healthy and glowing skin at almost no cost:-

1.Drink enough water:-This is probably the most known fact that water keeps our skin healthy.Our body consists of 70% of water and when we deny our body the same we tend to dehydrate which further causes inflammation and an acidic stomach making our outer skin look red and patchy.So drink your water.Doctors recommend 8 glasses of water a day.

2.Cleanser-toner-serum-moisturiser,-eye-cream-sunscreen:-A healthy skin is an effort.Rome was not built in a day, same way a healthy routine helps maintain good skin in the longer run.Ever wondered why koreans have such flawless skin?It’s not in the genes only, it’s the routine they follow; the famous korean 8-step skin care routine.Although some of us find it difficult to find time and patience to follow all the 8 steps, it’s important we at least follow the basic steps.

3.Sunscreen:-I was once shopping at a grocery store in Hong Kong and I noticed the man in front of me had his basket full of just one product i.e. Sunscreen.That intrigued me and I couldn’t help asking why he is so much on sunscreens.During the short conversation I had with him he told me that he has been a working fashion model for 12 years and Sunscreen is the only product responsible for his youthful skin.And yes he didn’t have any sun induced freckles and lines.So if you don’t want to listen to me, listen to this model;)

4.Eat healthy:-Our skin is as good as we eat.Foods like spinach, apple,carrot,beetroot,avocado etc are full of Vitamins and good fats.On contrary eating spicy and deep fried food will eventually lead to skin problems like acne, rashes,pigmentation etc.Have one cheat day in a week if you are unable to follow a strict diet but try to eat as healthy as possible.

5.Exercise:-A good exercise routine increases blood circulation and keeps body free of toxins.It gives you the flushed face look which people spend thousands to achieve through cosmetic treatments.

6.Stay happy:-Last but not the least, no matter what you eat or drink or apply on your skin if you are no happy it’s not going to work effectively.Happy people have good skin and it’s an observation.So stay happy, stress little and love yourself more today!

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