Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know! In this post I have shared Self Tried beauty hacks that would not only save you time and money but also benefit you in the longer run.

  • Use a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation for everyday makeup. (I personally love Lotus Safe Sunscreen SPf 40)This way your skin will get the benefit of sunscreen as well as not have clogged pores from foundation.
  • Use mascara if you don’t have eyebrow pencil:- Take excess off and use mascara brush to fill up your brows. I discovered this hack one day when I realised I am not carrying my brow filler and have to do with mascara. I loved the final look and to my amazement my brow look much thicker and moe defined. I have shown the same in my video ‘How To Do Everyday Makeup
  • Tie your towel dried hair with a loose scrunchy to get natural beach waves the next day:- We all know that heat is not good for your hair and the more you avoid it better it is. Try this hack and trust me you wouldn’t want to curl your hair again, the look it gives is so natural and effortless.
  • Apply Coconut Oil(Dry Hair) or Aloe Vera(Oily or normal hair) if you don’t have hair serum:- Depending upon your hair type you can use coconut oil or aloe vera to nourish your hair. Just be mindful of the quantity you use.
  • Place a Band-aid on your heel or ankle to avoid blisters OR Apply petroleum jelly to prevent friction.
  • Scrub your lips with cinnamon and sugar to make them look fuller:- Also not that this is only temporary and the results will last for 3-4 hrs only.

How to make Cinnamon and Sugar Scrub: Mix 1 pinch of cinnamon in 1 tbs of sugar and add honey to required consistency.

  • Rice Water As Toner:– So I have been using this toner for the past 5 months and I can literally vouch for it. It not only tightens your pores but also gives your face a dewy glow

How to make Rice Toner at home:-Wash any white rice well and soak it for 45 minutes to 1 hr. This water is your Rice Toner. Store it in a pump bottle and use it as a toner.

  • Use Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup:- This is not only a hack but also is a skin care tip. Make sure to use 100% pure Edible Coconut Oil. Do not use Hair Coconut Oil .
  • Rub lemon on underarms:- This will not only help you get rid of body odour but also lighten your underarms.
  • Vaseline as Multi Purpose product:- Use it lip balm, to tame baby hair or to keep eyebrows in place. Vaseline is a must have in every girl’s handbag.
  • Rub Ice to tighten pores and to keep makeup intact for long:- If you speak to any beauty enthusiast they will tell you numerous benefits of ice. a)Apply ice before make up to make it last longer. b)Rub ice on your face to tighten pores. c) Rub ice on acne and inflammated skin to cure rashes.
  • Honey to treat Acne or Burns :- Honey is anti bacterial in nature. Use it to cure acne or apply on burn(after treating it with burn lotion).I personally used it 2 months ago after I spilled hot tea on my right foot. To my amazement I was left without any marks because I applied honey.

I hope you liked these hacks and found them helpful. Do let me know in the comment section if you tried any of these hacks. Do have any hacks that you want to share with us. Do let us know.

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See you in next post!

Disclaimer:- Do check for allergies before trying above mentioned hacks.

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