5 Affordable Beauty Brands You Can’t Miss

Here is a list of 5 Affordable Beauty Brands that you can’t miss. Being passionate about Beauty and Lifestyle I am always on a lookout for brands that are gentle and yet don’t rob you off your money. In this post I have compiled a list of 5 such beauty brands.

5. ColorBar :- I initially did ‘nt like this brand because of what I had heard from other people but I recently used it’s coloured Infinite Eye Liner no 24(Blue) and fell in love with how smoothly it works on the skin. I am also a big fan of ColorBar nail paints and own almost all the shades of nail paint.

4. Oriflame:- If you live in India you must have heard of this brand from the days when they used to sell through booklets. But now they are available at Nykaa as well Although they don’t go overboard with promoting their brand, I feel it’s one of the most reliable yet affordable brands in India. I particularly like their Girodani Gold Range which is like a luxury range of make up products but at a very reasonable price. I am currently using their Giordani Gold Bronze Pearls(Blush) . Their products start from Rs 199 to Rs5000(mostly for perfumes) .

3.Maybelline:- Another one of my favourites! Over the years their price range has not really changed intact they have come up with more reasonable yet quality make up products. Their Pure Cover Mineral Concealer is really one of the best concealers I have found in the market. And I am sure you all have tried Maybelline Colossal range. Starting from Rs 199 I feel Maybelline offers a wide range of make up products at really affordable prices.

2.Coloressence:– One of the brands I swear by. I have tried most of their products and if there’s one product that I would highly recommend to everybody it would their HD Foundation. It’s really one of the best foundations I have ever used, giving a superb coverage making your skin give that glass look. At Rs590 this is really the best deal for any make up lover. Also do try their Superextend Eyeliner.

1.Lakme:- Passed on to me from my mother, if there s one brand that I can has never disappointed me ,it’s Lakme. If you don’t believe me ask your mother. My mum has super sensitive skin and the only brand she can use is Lakme because it’s so gentle on the skin. When it comes to pricing Lakme does offer a variety of products at genuinely low prices. From nail paints to Foundation Mousse and Lip Colour range, most of Lakme products are pretty affordable and do a very good job especially on Indian skin tone.

I hope this post helpful to you. I made this list keeping in mind both Quality and Affordability. All the above mentioned brands I use daily in the form of make up or skin care. In case you are allergic to any particular ingredient please check with your doctor before using any make up.

Do let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Would love to hear from you! Meanwhile do check out my last post about Hair Care Myth and Facts

See you in next post!

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