Best Homemade Summer Drink Recipes

Homemade Summer Drink Recipes
Best Homemade Summer Drink Recipes

Best Homemade Summer Drink Recipes! Sharing 5 of my favourite homemade summer drink recipes to beat the heat and keep you hydrated and refreshed all through the day:-

1) Lime +Honey:- Lemon is full of Vit. C and Honey beats inflammation in your body.

Mix equal parts of lime juice and honey in a glass of water.Adding ice is optional however I prefer all my drinks either room temperature or lukewarm.

You can add mint leaves for additional flavour.

2) Flavoured Water:- We all know the importance of hydration in flushing out the toxins. Howevere ,sometimes plain watet can be boring to consume and for the same reasons I prefer to add flavour in the water.

Add your favourite slice of fruit in the water and enjoy it. Eg.Orange, lime, peace, mint, berries etc.

3) Beet Root + Orange+ Black grapes(optional) juice:- This is actually my daily post work out drink as it makes up for loss of water in the body. Not only that it does wonders to your skin and keeps your system cool.

4) Tulsi Seeds +Water:- One of the best combinations to treat inflammation. Tulsi(Indian basil) is a natural coolant.

Soak Tulsi seeds also known as Sabja in water overnight and consume it the first thing in the morning. I have personally gained from it’s benefits and can vouch for it.It instantly cools down the stomach.

5) Butter Milk:- Being a north Indian butter milk has always been my staple. It instantly cools down your stomach and will help you overcome summer weariness .

You can have it salted or sweet, I prefer it plain.

6:- Coconut Water:- If you are from the tropics you will probably know the benefits of coconut water. Not only it’s cooling for the body ,it’s good for your skin and tastes refreshingly good.

Hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to share !

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