Best Skin Care Tips For Monsoons!

Best Skin Care Tips For Monsoons! Being passionate about Skin Care and Lifestyle 

I am always experimenting with what works best for skin during different climatic conditions. 

In this post I have shared Skin Care tips for Monsoons that will leave your skin glowing and healthy.

1 .Drink 8 glasses of water everyday :-I know it’s pouring outside and one tends to think that since I am not sweating my body is hydrated .But that’s a common misconception. Not sweating could also be because your body is dehydrated and low on salt. So make sure you stay hydrated .

2. Follow 3 or 4 step skin care routine :- Make sure to follow cleanse-tone -moisturise-sunscreen . Also emphasising on sunscreen here ,just because there ‘s no sun doesn’t mean you don’t apply sunscreen. As long as there’s natural light outside you have to apply sunscreen.

3. Do not wash face frequently :- Try to stick to washing your face just twice a day so as to maintain the Ph level of the skin and yet keep it clean and dirt free .

4. Control on eating fried food and sugary stuff :-  I know monsoons is the time when one tends to gorge on fried food , especially in India we have our monsoon menu ready much in advance . But too much fried food all not only dehydrated your body ,it will cause unnecessary breakouts too. So the trick here is to have 1 or 2 cheat days a week and staying sane for the rest of the time !

5. Drink lime water or herbal drinks to detoxify :- Sometime ago I came across this post on Instagram that said that drinking lime water is like giving your system a bath and I just couldn’t agree more. Personally I love to drink honey lime water and green tea to keep my system clean and still be able to give in to cravings once in a while .

6. Exercise :- When it’s pouring outside one has all the excuses in the world to avoid workout and just stay lazy on the couch all day long watching Game of Thrones ….but I have a hack for you! When I can’t workout I do 50 abs ,50 squats,50 lunges and 50 arm excercise .This not only keeps me fit ,it also makes up for the times I am unable to run on a treadmill .

7. Use a light water based moisturiser:- Adding heavy layers of moisturiser on your face will only lead to breakout , therefore try to find a light water based moisturiser . I also have a hack here for those who have oily to combination skin :- Apply Aloe Vera on face and keep spraying rose water during the day . This will keep your skin moisturised without making it sticky .

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I hope you find these tips helpful . If you did , I would love to hear from you .Please share it with your friends and I will see you in my nextpost ! Till then have a wonderful week ahead and don’t forget your umbrellas while stepping out .

Are there any Skin Care Tips you know that you want to share, that has worked for you? Do share!

See you in next post!

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