Food Substitutes For A Healthy Lifestyle!

    Food Substitutes For A Healthy Lifestyle! A short list I compiled for a more healthier choice! 1.AERATED BEVERAGES:-Coconut Water, Butter Milk, Flavoured Water(mint,lime,peach) 2.PROCESSED CHEESE:-Home Made cheese like paneer. Recipe https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/how-to-make-paneer-homemade-paneer/ 3.REFINED AND PROCESSED GRAINS:-Whole grains like oats,brown rice, whole wheat etc. 4.ICE CREAM:-Unsweetened frozen yogurt(You may add honey and fresh fruits for sweetness) 5.REFINED OIL:-Mustard Oil, Ghee 6.FRENCH FRIES:-Baked sweet potato fries 7.RICE:-Grated Cauliflower 8.SPAGHETTI PASTA:-Zucchini noodles 9.WHITE SUGAR:-Honey, Jaggery 10.JAM AND MARMALADE:-Honey, Maple Syrup 11.BUTTER:-Peanut butter,Almond butter,Ghee NOTE:-In case of allergy or dietry restrictions please check with a certified doctor. Do let me know in the comment section if you found this post helpful. Please share it with your…


    How To Maintain A Healthy Weight! Simple Easy Steps!

    Maintaining weight can seem like a task but not when you simplify your eating habits and lifestyle. I admit that not all the problems related to weight come from food,sometimes it could be hormonal or genetics but I believe we all can control certain aspects of our body system if we make small changes. Here are my few personal tips on how to manage your weight:- 1.DRINK ENOUGH WATER:-Water not only keeps you full but it also detoxifies our body. When you stay hydrated, you feel less hungry at odd hours and you would have more energy to complete daily tasks. 2.STOP EATING BEFORE YOU ARE FULL:-You will not only control overeating…


    Super Foods You Must Consume Regularly!

      What we eat today will give us rewards accordingly later in life and that’s why it’s important to make sure we feed our body the required nutrition.In this article I am sharing few of the foods that I consume regularly and that have helped me maintain a desirable weight as well as a healthy lifestyle. 1.Greens:–Spinach, lettuce, kale, cabbage etc,.Greens and leafy vegetable are high in Vit.A and Iron therefore they not only give your body the required nutrition ,they also help in improving eye sight(because of Vit.A).They are also a good source of Vit c and are extremely low in calories.You can either consume in them raw or…

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    Detailed Traveller’s checklist!

    Following is a detailed list I ‘ve compiled that I use for my travels.especially long hauls!Hope you all find it useful! 1.Documents:-Photo Id, Passport and Visa(if applicable), Hotel and Travel Bookings, 2.Contact nos:-Important and Emergency Phone nos. in a diary. 3.Language Dictionary and Local Map:-In case travelling to a place where you don’t understand the local language.  4.Information regarding nearest super market and restaurants:-This comes very handy if you are a vegetarian or have specific dietary requirements. 5.Local church or praying centre:-For those who are into routine praying or practicing their beliefs. 6.Comfort Kit:-Eye mask,Ear and Eye drops,Cold and cough tablets(most of the hotels in Europe have centralised air conditioning…


    Traveller’s Checklist!

    Breakfast in Paris, lunch in New York! Sounds interesting right!I was very fortunate to have lived this lifestyle for a long time and I can tell you, if there’s something I have mastered apart from understanding people, it’s how to pack my world in bags of all shapes and sizes. So here is my basic checklist for all kinds of travel:- DOCUMENTS:-ID proof, hotel and travel booking documents(or soft copy),Valid Visa(If applicable) Important Contact nos:-It’s always good to have important phone numbers(family, friends, local embassy, local emergency helpline) written somewhere in your diary or a piece of paper so that incase your phone runs out of the batter or if…

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    Self-Tested DIY Chemical Free Hair Masks For Dull And Dead Hair!

    Please find below few of my self-tested DIY Hair Masks that I have been using over the years.All these masks are chemical free and include everyday ingredients that one can find in every kitchen. 1. Coconut Oil+Castor Oil(Excellent for hair growth):- Basics are always the best and we all know the goodness of coconut oil and castor oil. Mix coconut oil with 3-4 drops of castor oil(because of it’s thick consistency),warm it up a little and apply on scalp using a cotton ball. Massage for 5-7 minutes for the oil to get absorbed.Leave it for minimum 45 min and maximum overnight. Wash it off and make sure to use conditioner…

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    My top 10 shopping destinations!

        Shopping is an integral part of my personality and I shop at any given oppurtunity. In fact the only time I am awestruck looking at something is not when I see a good looking man, it’s when I see a store window mannequin dressed in a perfect couture. I can be quite emotional when it comes to clothes and I have a very loyal relationship with them.I treat them nice and with a lot of love. I have memories attached to almost each one of my dresses and they are as much a part of me as my family. I can’t begin to explain how much I love stores, the fragrance…

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    Dealing with Acne!

    Acne is one situation almost everybody deals with, at some point in life.A lot of times it takes away our confidence leaving us helpless and disappointed.Let’s understand the causes first and how to deal with them specifically:- 1.Lifestyle:–Our skin is at it’s healthiest when it’s free from toxins. Excess consumption of oil, spices, protein, salt, sugar, caffeine, fats etc may lead to build up of toxins in our body which further causes acne, skin tags, whiteheads etc.Therefore it’s important to eat healthy and  more of water based food and also to exercise daily to free our body of toxins. 2.Touching face frequently:-The skin on our face is extremely sensitive to…

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    Hair care!For Him And Her!

      What’s the point of dressing up, wearing all that make up and spending hours at salon if you don’t have good hair on your shoulders.Healthy hair is the best accessory you can wear, not only it adds to your confidence, it also enhances your personality.Not all of us can spend thousands of dollars every month at salon for all those hair spa sessions which by the way involves a lot of heat and  hair pulling. So here are my few hair care tips you can follow anywhere and everywhere:- 1.Oil:-Cheapest yet the most effective way to nourish your hair.You can choose from castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc depending upon…

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    Skin Care For Long Lasting Glow!

      A healthy skin is the most visually attractive thing in a person.It implies how healthy our lifestyle is.What we feed our body also plays a major role in maintaining good skin.Following are  my few easy-to-follow skin care routine to achieve a healthy and glowing skin at almost no cost:- 1.Drink enough water:-This is probably the most known fact that water keeps our skin healthy.Our body consists of 70% of water and when we deny our body the same we tend to dehydrate which further causes inflammation and an acidic stomach making our outer skin look red and patchy.So drink your water.Doctors recommend 8 glasses of water a day. 2.Cleanser-toner-serum-moisturiser,-eye-cream-sunscreen:-A healthy…

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