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    Life Is In Small Events!

    ‘Life Is In Small Events!’ I am writing this after an hour long conversation with a friend who casually justified a lie saying , “It’s a small time lie,it does’nt matter!” and I turned around and said “Life is about small events, big things are very few in number!” On a personal level that”s exactly what I have learnt from my two biggest inspirations i.e my parents. Come to think of it,we spend 12 years in schooling just to experience that 1 day of hearing ‘Yes, your application has been accepted by our university!’ And that hapiness does’nt even last for a more than 10 days when we start to…

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    MY TOP 7 RULES TO ABUNDANCE! Abundance comes when you follow a positive pattern in your everyday life. Here are my 7 rules to abundance and living a joyful life irrespective of the circumstances:- 1.GRATITUDE:-No matter what I always look for things to be grateful for, even in the times when life feels dull and nothing seems to be working out. And I don’t do it expecting anything in return,I do it because it’s a fact that we all have things to be grateful for and more often than not we tend to forget about them.For e.g..Air, food and water are more important than achieving goals but how often do…

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    How I Create My Home Away From Home

    How I Create My Home Away From Home! What do we do when we are compelled to leave our hometown and set up base somewhere unknown. I am sure a lot of people reading this are staying away from their families, pursuing their dreams. As humans, we do seek motivation, social acceptance, friendship or a genuine relationship. But these are the things that happen organically and there are times when one feels lack of support and love. So how do we create a positive and friendly atmosphere for ourselves when we don’t have anyone around to motivate us or say ‘you are doing a great job’.In this article I will…

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    The Magic Of Love!

    It’s 10:25 pm here in Mumbai, way past my bed time, and it’s also a Sunday, the day I miss my family the most. (Back at home Sunday is a shopping day with mum and sis).I have a very sweet and loving family in Delhi.Growing up I would always see mum and dad keeping it all together no matter the circumstances. From financial crisis to personal crisis we have seen it all and one thing that remains common between us is ‘Love’.Love for each other and love for life. If it was not for the love that I have witnessed over the years in my family and which I still…

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    What Travelling And Understanding People Taught Me!

    Why should I invest in people?What is the purpose of learning from people?How does it determine our life in the larger picture?There was a time in my life (right after college)when all I ever wanted to do was get a job that pays me well and travel the world.Fortunately I could do both owing to the previous job I had.I got to travel almost all around the world and got paid for it.During that time I also learnt some of the important lessons of life which not only broadened my horizon but helped me navigate through the purpose of life .Of course I am not old and wise enough to…

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    When you feel all has come to an end, play your favourite music!

      It’s hard to believe but music has a direct connection with our thoughts.Play one single scene from a movie with 3 different background scores and see the difference it makes. From action to thriller to romance you will get what you play. Music determines our mood to a great extent. Jazz is hopeful, while violin brings romance.Music takes us to horizons we never knew existed.And when I say music,I don’t mean the party noise. I am talking about melodies, songs,symphonies.I have symphonies attached to each one of my memories, good or bad.And when I want to relive a certain time of my life,I switch to the music that connects…

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    Finding the buzz in solitude!

    If someone could give me a dime for every time I felt lost in a crowd, then I would probably be a millionaire today. I have been staying away from my family for many years now and there isn’t a single day I don’t think about leaving it all and going back to them.Think of it, it’s the easy way out.But easy neither excites me nor does it bring long lasting rewards. I learnt to find peace in solitude very early in life.And a lot of it has got to do with my innate nature of feeling lost every time there are too many people around. Yes,I know ┬áit’s important…

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    A healthy mind is the key to an ever lasting youth!

    Making room for Mental Space:-‘KEEPING YOUR MIND CLUTTER FREE’.This is probably the only thing I look for in almost everything I do.Be it work or my personal space, whenever I am in any sort of dilemma I just ask myself one question,’Is this person or activity or environment taking away my mental space?’If the answer is ‘Yes’,I smoothly detach myself from that situation or person and that is called preserving the mental space.Let’s dwell into it a little more. . . A typical day in our lives involve some form of interaction with people either through a face to face conversation or social media or through random memories playing in…

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    Drink your water!

    Most of us live such busy lives that taking care of our own body is not something thing that gets our attention the way it should.Yes we can enrich the look and appearance with make up but what about internal health.We ignore the basic things our body needs and one of them is water.I myself was guilty of not drinking enough water until sometime ago when my body started to experience inflammation and I started to watch my eating and drinking habits(meaning coffee and tea and juice,I neither drink alcohol nor do I smoke).I realised I was consuming less than 8 glasses of water a day(recommended by doctors)which was not…

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    Protect your happiness!

      Most of us on an average meet 5 people everyday or at least talk to. As human, we tend to absorb everything we see and experience.Whatever we absorb, determines our state of mind and our thought process. Therefore, it’s important who and what we surround us with.For eg.there is this person X who is constantly trying to belittle you or trying to pull you down every time he is around and you are very well aware of his habits.In this case to protect your own happiness you must try your best to keep away from him. Now,I am not saying that you despise people but it’s only wise to…

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