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Detailed Traveller’s checklist!

Following is a detailed list I ‘ve compiled that I use for my travels.especially long hauls!Hope you all find it useful!

1.Documents:-Photo Id, Passport and Visa(if applicable), Hotel and Travel Bookings,

2.Contact nos:-Important and Emergency Phone nos. in a diary.

3.Language Dictionary and Local Map:-In case travelling to a place where you don’t understand the local language.

 4.Information regarding nearest super market and restaurants:-This comes very handy if you are a vegetarian or have specific dietary requirements.

5.Local church or praying centre:-For those who are into routine praying or practicing their beliefs.

6.Comfort Kit:-Eye mask,Ear and Eye drops,Cold and cough tablets(most of the hotels in Europe have centralised air conditioning and it can be quite chilly sometimes),Anti allergy tablets(incase you get any food allergy).

7.Small food kit:-Baby food(if applicable),Tea bags, biscuits or banana cake, dry fruits etc (pls do check custom regulations of the respective country before carrying food stuff. For e.g..Australia and US have very clear cut regulations laid down when it comes to bringing in fresh food and fruits.

8.Bathroom Kit:-Sunscreen, body gel, 2 in 1 shampoo-conditioner, face wash(If you are someone like me you would want to use your own toiletries as hotel stuff may not suit your skin and hair.The only thing I find reliable is their moisturisers).

9.Protective wear:-Invest in good winter wear like overcoat, boots, gloves and body warmers.This way you don’t need to layer yourself up too much.Uniqlo is one of my favourite brands when it comes to body warmers.Also carry a scarf to protect your face and head as some places can get very hot and sunny.

10.Empty water bottle:-So you can carry it around and refill whenever possible(Reusing plastic bottles is not considered safe to use ).

11.Portable charger and Selfie stick(If you are obsessed)😜

Things to keep in mind:-

Liquids:Pls pack your toiletries and other liquids in a plastic bag to avoid leakage.Also most of the airlines allow only 100ml/bottle in cabin baggage so pls make sure you don’t exceed that limit.Carry extra ziplock bags with you incase there’s leakage due to air pressure.Once my phone got damaged due to perfume spillage while on flight.So be pack carefully.

Dangerous goods:- Do Not keep hazardous things like lithium batteries(in check in baggage) or spare batteries, inflammable liquid as it’s a safety hazard.If unsure ask the couture staff or check the airlines website to see what’s allowed and what is considered dangerous goods.Items that are sharp and pointed or exceed certain length have specific regulations.Even something like a nail filer or a razor can be confiscated if it doesn ‘t comply with the safety rules.

Note:Do check local custom regulations before you pack any food or any thing made from trees, plants,herbs etc(A friend of mine was once held back in Melbourne for carrying a hand band made from a particular type of wood which is against their custom regulations).

I hope this article was helpful to you all. Do feel free to message( or comment if you have any question or you want me to write about anything else in particular.Apologies if I skipped anything, however I am open to additions.

Thank you!

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