Soul food


Out of all the roads I have taken my favourite is the one I took alone…there is something soulful about acknowledging your existence and treating it like a gift. . Everytime I do it, it’s like an epiphany…a new life…a new meaning..When things don’t make sense to me I know its time to cut out external noise and dig deep inside the soul…It’s like throwing light into a dark tunnel, a little bit goes a long way. Not many people realise but ‘Me-Time’ is super essential, especially in noisy cities where one tends to forget to feed their soul…and this realisation came to me after I went through several breakdowns and found myself crippled, unable to figure out how to deal with it….I have spent numerous hours reflecting on my journey and I still do and one thing that I am most sure of is that you will never regret falling in love with yourself. Spending time with yourself, hearing yourself breathe, treating yourself with good food is all a part of self love…Unfortunately a lot of people confuse self love with self obsession…self love is mostly an internal journey, feeling good about yourself, healing, forgiving, giving love even when it’s difficult, however self obsession is external, gravitating only towards beautifying external beauty…While everybody is running a race, I encourage you pause, look around and feel grateful for this wonderful life….there are millions of people who would want to trade places with you for the life you have, so cherish it… go out…eat good food, pray, surrender,love yourself, treat yourself…for a day just take off the burden to get somewhere and walk aimlessly..

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