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Finding Blessing Amidst Corona Pandemic!

At some point in our lives we all wished for time to stop, mostly to live a little more, to stop and smell the flowers while chasing bigger things.

 For most of the years I have been away from home, I had always prayed for both quality and quantity time with family, to be able to cook for my brother, to spend lazy nights chatting with my sister, to watch dad watching cookery shows back to back,  to sleep on mum’s lap and forget all my problems, to live the feeling of ‘thinking nothing’ and although I am aware times are tough for some people than most of us, the only way we can get through is by finding blessing amidst the problems. If you look for problems you will find plenty of them, if you look for possibilities you will find plenty of them too. You will get what you seek.
Is there a hobby or a skill you always wanted to invest in? Are there body goals you wanted to achieve but never got time to plan and work towards? Is there a letter you wanted to send someone but never got the opputunity to sit down and write? Are there differences you wanted to sort out but the busy schedules never let that happen? If yes then DO IT NOW! Make memories, write down your thoughts about this situation, positive and negative both, channelise your energy in a way that you can be proud of it tomorrow when you look back. In short, instead of waiting for things to come back to normal do what you can now because it may not happen for the next 100 years that the entire world stops on one common ground. It may be unprecedented but you don’t have to sulk and make it worse. Think, think and think what you can do that you may not have done in an otherwise routine life.

Finding purpose in life is what differentiates us from the rest of the species. Use this time to ‘CONNECT’. Connect with yourself, connect with the people you love. Treat this time as a gift, probably a one time gift because once it’s over most of us will get back to where we left.  Let’s not go through it but grow through it! 

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