Soul food

Finding the buzz in solitude!

If someone could give me a dime for every time I felt lost in a crowd, then I would probably be a millionaire today. I have been staying away from my family for many years now and there isn’t a single day I don’t think about leaving it all and going back to them.Think of it, it’s the easy way out.But easy neither excites me nor does it bring long lasting rewards. I learnt to find peace in solitude very early in life.And a lot of it has got to do with my innate nature of feeling lost every time there are too many people around.

Yes,I know  it’s important to have friends and people around who genuinely love you and care for you but true joy comes only when you become your best company.With so much noise around we don’t really make an effort to understand our own thoughts.Most of us don’t even know who we really are because we rarely spend time alone.Come weekend and all we want to do is again disappear into some random noise like if there wasn’t enough buzz during the week days.Of course, it’s important to have fun and celebrate life,I am all for celebration and music and dance. I know the euphoria it creates but the charm of this euphoria will last only till you are hungover.And that’s why it’s important to be able to find joy even when there’s no one around, when there is nothing to celebrate and  when there is no music.My biggest of the joys have always come from doing simple things like treating myself to frozen yogurt(I would leave anything or Cocoberry), listening to jazz while making pancakes or just writing down my thoughts.

Now don’t get me wrong and don’t even try to under estimate me!I am that girl who dances till the last beat,the girl who would once a year gulp down an entire glass of vodka on the rocks without blinking an eye!I do have my fun but I also know the importance of solitude.I know a lot of you might be thinking what’s the need for solitude when I have friends around.If I were you,I would probably think on the same lines.But there will come a time when you would go deep in your thoughts(Maturity crisis) and realise that all these years you never made an effort to find out who you really are and what you really want.And those are pretty dangerous yet important questions to find answers to.

Solitude brings out the best but only if you give it a chance. So this time when the weekend arrives, give the night a miss and spend time with yourself and see the magic it creates!On a lighter note, live life, love music but don’t ignore the whispers!

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