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Habits For Inner Peace And Positivity !

1.Stop Judging:- Inviting positive energy always starts with letting positive thoughts in and discarding  the rest. One of the most common habits that most people struggle with is constant judging. Realise that everybody is different and to expect them to act according to your level growth is not right. No one is liable to conform to your principles. Stop judging and accept people for their individuality. More you accept, more peace it gives you.

2.Focus on your own growth:- Sit in peace, close your eyes and pay attention to your lifestyle. What are your constant thoughts, what are the things that you would want to unlearn, how can you be the best version of yourself. Everyday, every second,every interaction,every experience is an oppurtunity for personal growth. Don’t let it go. There is no such thing as I am too old to change, you ‘re only as old as your ego.

3.Spread Love:- Make conscious efforts to give love to people in your life. Trust me, it comes back during times when you need it the most. More you give, more you stock it  up as return for yourself.

4. Make people feel good about themselves:- We all like to be appreciated but do we appreciate other people enough. Sincere compliment is the key to start the positivity chain and end your negative cycle with people.

5.Laugh more:- My dad used to say when I was a child “If you keep a frown face, you will become a frowning person for the most of your life, if you smile and laugh a lot, you will always find reasons to do so often.” Think of yourself as your favourite emoji and keep that on. I mean the good ones 😉

6. Watch out for what you watch:- Good content, happy content incites positive actions violence incites negative behavior. You get to choose the emotion you want to surround yourself with. Not many are careful about the content they consume but I am more than confident if you just observe this aspect of your life you will realise what you watch or read or think will find way into your life.

7.Put past behind:- Never ever, ever, never and I am saying it again, never dwell into the past if it does’nt encourage you to be kind to people and yourself, not even in your subconscious. Vengeance is not the answer to unkind behavior. Let go of the past, forgive, accept, return kindness for hate.

8.Sync your activities with how you want to feel most of the day:- You will always most maximum amount of time with yourself. Your activities and life should reflect your ideal mode. That’s why they say, ‘Do what you love’.

9.Pray and meditate:- Without trying to sound pious, just want to encourage you to pray and meditate. Prayer need not be religious, you can pray to mother nature for her selfless love and gifts in the form of resources. Remember it’s all about the energy you’re giving out.It’s like an echo, what you give will multiply and come back to you, make sure you give love and gratitude.

10.Gratitude:- No amount of prayer will work if you forget to be grateful. Be grateful to yourself , this wonderful life, the amazing set of people you have. basically be grateful of everything that is keeping you sustained.
Hope you like this post, most of them have come as a part of constant evaluation and changes I make everyday to become a better person. Let me know what helps you stay positive. 

See you in next post!

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