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Hair care!For Him And Her!

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What’s the point of dressing up, wearing all that make up and spending hours at salon if you don’t have good hair on your shoulders.Healthy hair is the best accessory you can wear, not only it adds to your confidence, it also enhances your personality.Not all of us can spend thousands of dollars every month at salon for all those hair spa sessions which by the way involves a lot of heat and  hair pulling.

So here are my few hair care tips you can follow anywhere and everywhere:-

1.Oil:-Cheapest yet the most effective way to nourish your hair.You can choose from castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc depending upon your hair type.Just make sure you oil your scalp once a week before shampoo.Not only it will aid hair growth,it will give your hair the natural shine and smoothness without using any heat or blow dry.

2.Keep Scalp Clean:-Yes, we must not shampoo too often but it is also important to keep scalp free of dirt and excess oil.Use one which has the least amount of chemicals.Sulphate free shampoos are the best and nowadays most of the brands mention if their product contains sulphate or not.

3.Oil-Shampoo-Conditioner-Dry-Serum:-If you just follow these steps trust me you will save yourself a lot of money from unnecessary visits to salon.Basics are always the best and more long lasting!

4.Satin Band:-This actually is a recent change I made in my hair care routine.Satin bands are not gentle to use,they also don’t pull your hair like rubber bands.I now swear by it and have stopped using any other kid of hair-tie.

5.8 Hour Sleep:-Just like our skin, hair cells repair at night too.When we don’t get enough sleep our body doesn’t get enough time to repair and regenerate cells.So make sure your body gets 8 hours of sleep.

6.Exercise:-Exercise not only helps you stay fit, it also increases blood circulation which further regenerates cells and keeps hair and skin both healthy.

I personally follow all the above mentioned tips and till date I have never had any hair treatment done which also helps in keeping my hair long and healthy.

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