How Health and Beauty Are Correlated

Health and Beauty

Healthy inside brings the beautiful outside!If I had heard of this phrase couple of years ago I would have probably snubbed it completely.But now I literally live by it.

Come to think of it,we feel more motivated and energised the days we indulge in some form of excercise or the days we are mindful about what we eat than when we turn lazy and devour french fries and double cheese burst pizzas.Dnt get me wrong,I love my pizza, so much so that I have a very loyal relationship with them.But healthy eating is all about the balance.I am a firm believer in cheat days and chocolate rewards but I always balance it out with some form of workout combined with cutting down on restaurant food throughout the week.Remember,too much resistance to cravings often leads to binging and overeating later on.

Over the years I have realised that our skin and mind have a very direct relationship with the food we eat.When I experience unreasonable mood swings and unhealthy skin the first thing I do is bring my diet back to normal and cut down on sugar and salt.The results are instant!Infact

 It is also a good idea to calculate your calorie input and output on the many apps available today.

 One immediate change that you can bring about in this regard is by including some form of workout or physical activity(starting small with 15 min)in your daily routine and also making sure that cheat days are limited to once a week.

 Note:-Expecting mothers and people who have any form of injury or sprain etc,consult your doctor before performing any form of excercise.

Healthy eating!❤️Healthy living!❤️

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