Home Made Muesli Recipe Without Oven

Most of my recipes are impromptu. I make use of what’s in my kitchen and try to use ingredients which are easily available. This recipe I discovered while trying to look for a home made healthy cereal/ snack option for my parents since the market cereals are full of preservatives and sugar. 


1.Oats-500 gms

2.Chopped Dry Fruits Mix:- Almonds, CashewNuts, Raisins, Walnut(Use desirable quantity)

3.Honey- 2 Tbs

4.Coco Powder

5.Cinnamon Powder-2Tsp

6.Flax Seeds-100 gms

7.Chia Seeds-100 gms

8.Coconut Powder-150 gms

Recipe:- In a non stick pan on low heat roast all the dry fruits, flax seeds, chia seeds and coconut powder until crispy.

Add oats and roast them they look crispy and moisture free.

Add cinnamon and coco powder.

Keep stirring until all the ingredients have mixed well.

Put off the flame,let it rest for 2-3 min.

Add honey and mix well.

Let it cool down and store it in an Air Tight Container.

Note:- You can determine the proportion of ingredients as you like just make sure to not make it very sweet as it will dissolve the purpose of eating healthy.

Throughout the cooking process, keep flame on low and keep stirring.

You can eat this muesli with milk or yogurt or as a topping for your fruit salad.(I will share the fruit salad recipe too, very soon) 

Hope you like this recipe. Do let me know in the comment section if you do or if you have your own version of museli.

See you in next post! 

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