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How I Create My Home Away From Home

How I Create My Home Away From Home! What do we do when we are compelled to leave our hometown and set up base somewhere unknown. I am sure a lot of people reading this are staying away from their families, pursuing their dreams. As humans, we do seek motivation, social acceptance, friendship or a genuine relationship. But these are the things that happen organically and there are times when one feels lack of support and love. So how do we create a positive and friendly atmosphere for ourselves when we don’t have anyone around to motivate us or say ‘you are doing a great job’.In this article I will be sharing few of my personal tips on how to stay motivated and create your own home when you are away from family and loved ones.

1.Make Your Home Look Like Home:A home should look like home wether it’s your own house or a rented apartment. Keep your living space clutter free and create cosy corners in your house, put up pictures around you. This will not only help you think better but also make you want to come back to your house after a hectic day.

2.Pick Up A Hobby or Learn A New Skill:I used to afraid of waters much so that I would never step into shallow water also and I would get drowning dreams al the time. But one day I decided to fight my fear. It’s been just 6 days and I am loving the water like never before and not only that,I do not get drowning dreams anymore. Picking up a hobby or a skill not only boosts your self confidence, it also makes you realise that nothing is impossible if you decide to make it happen. Also there are so many courses available online like language(DuoLingo),graphic designing etc wherein you don’t have to spend a single penny.

3.Reward Yourself:- Since young age we are taught to be our best, applaud when someone does a good job but how often do we appreciate ourselves? We don’t! Because somewhere we heard that that’s a selfish act, blowing your own trumpet. Well let me tell you the most important thing in life we all must do, it’s appreciating yourself. Love yourself, reward yourself and do not ever feel guilty about it.Only when your own cup is full, you will have enough to give away!

4.Be Open To Making Friends:- That said, be careful too and do not meet random people you come across on dating sites. It can be dangerous and jeopardise your safety. Know your surroundings and familiarise yourself with people before you go out with them.

5.Read A Book:- Reading has not only changed my life but it has given me one of the most important things and that is ‘PERSPECTIVE’! Reading makes one confident because when you know about things you feel confident to talk and have conversations. So read a book, a week may be.

6.Cook A Nice Meal:Treat yourself once a week.Cook a nice meal or order your favourite pizza, watch your favourite movie or if your are someone like me go for Hallmark movies. It’s my ritual every weekend to watch hallmark movies over hot chocolate and popcorn.

Last but not the least, it’s a beautiful world out there.You will meet all kinds of people, if you are wise you will choose people wisely. There are more kind people than otherwise, there are more blessings than misfortunes, it’s all about perspective and the thoughts you feed yourself. I love people and I love travelling. Each city taught me a good lesson, that of kindness and love and one thing I can tell you from my experience is that no matter which city, country or religion you belong to, we are not very different from each other, in a good way ofcourse. So enjoy your time away from home and make it worthwhile❤️

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