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How To Get Healthy Sleep!

If we have all the time in the world, the first thing we would probably do is, catch up on lost sleep and eat t. Yet, even when we have time most of us struggle to sleep well. I know because I used to wake up in the middle of the night,fighting to fall asleep. In this post I am sharing tried and tested tips that help me get healthy sleep.

  • Keep your diet simple:- The more acidic your body is, less likely you are able to relax your senses. A healthy diet not only promotes adequate sleep but also makes sure that your mind is at ease. 
  • Turn off gadgets 1 hr before sleep:- Most of us are guilty of checking in notifications or mindlessly browsing through apps especially when we are unable to sleep. This not only keeps our sleep hormones disturbed but causes strain in eyes. I make it a point to detach myself from phone 2 hrs before bed. Remember, nothing is more important than a body that’s well rested.
  • Read Or Meditate Before Sleep:- Preferably meditate but if you are unable to, then read a good book. I try to sip on chamomile while reading before sleep. Chamomile is known for it’s body and mind relaxing qualities.
  • Stretch Before Sleep:- Stretching your body before sleep relaxes muscles and promotes sound sleep. Do stretches that relax your back and feet. Just make sure you don’t over exert.
  • Make Your Sleeping Space Cosy And Comfy:- Your sleeping space should be tidy and emit positive energy. Keep unnecessary stuff away. You can also spray your pillow with Lavender sleeping mist( I use the one from Bath and Body works. Alternatively you can use essential oil candles too.
  • Warm Shower:- Warm shower before sleep is also known to help get sound sleep. Try not to wash hair though, to avoid catching cold. Also you can dab essential oil like Lavender on pulse points to aid better sleep.
  • Skin-Care Routine:- Follow a good skin care routine which involves 5 min of facial massage. Also put an eye pack twice a week to reduce strain in eyes.
  • Work your body out:- When your body is tired it demands rest and that is the key to falling asleep faster and better. Include 30-45 min of exercise in your daily routine.

What do you do to get sound sleep? Do share in the comment section below!

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