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How To Keep Yourself Motivated, Always

‘How To Keep Yourself Motivated, Always! ‘Change is the beauty of life and nothing remains the same, not the good times nor the bad ones! Knowing this, embracing what we have is all one needs to do in order to really navigate through the purpose of life!Also there is no such thing as ‘ I never get sad’ or ‘I am always high on life’ because we all go through situations that sometimes seem out of control. It’s during these times that we need to dig our heels in and get the best out of the worst times. In this post,I am sharing a few pointers that have helped me grow through tough times, keeping the real me intact!

1)Write down exactly how you feel:- They say ‘when the water is turbulent ,we feel blinded.It’s only in calm waters that we are able to see clearly’ and to get that clarity one must write down their thoughts and feelings. This will not only give you clarity but also help you decide what you need to do next. Never ever keep built up emotions inside. Keep your heart and mind clean.

2)Make sure you eat well:- Taking care of oneself is the last thing that comes to our mind when we are stressed, however food plays an important role in brain function and it’s important to eat well(avoid junk completly) .Eat well, treat yourself like you are best person you know.

3)Gratitude, Pray, Visualise:- For me everything starts from gratitude followed by prayer and visualising a happy state of being.Prayer is an important part of my life and I really cannot imagine my day starting without faith. Faith is a beautiful thing to have in life ,if you have faith ,you have an anchor, an anchor of hope. My favourite quote from the movie ‘Shawshank Redemption’ ,”Fear can hold you prisioner, hope can set you free” always keeps me going in life. When you get into a zone of gratitude, praying and visualising it gives you hope for a better tomorrow and a better you.

4)Serve People:-There is nothing more gratifying than making someone laugh or giving someone hope .Serving people has a snowball effect ,turning good deeds into good returns. ‘Love,share and discover’, it’s a philosophy I live by.

5)Think of the most positive thing you can do to make yourself feel better:- Never unders estimate the power of positive actions, it works like a seed of abundance.When you feel things are goung out of control and nothing is working out the way you wanted it to, try and think of what is the next best thing I can do at that particular mmrny. It could be a small break from work or picking up a hobby or learning something new, whatever works for you .

6)Keep Away From Toxic People:- Toxic people are like worms, they eat up your happiness and all yhe good things around you. I rather be alone than surround myself with a hundred toxic people.

7)Vent it out, cry it out:- There is nothing embarrasing about crying or letting your emotions out. After all we are humans and we are designed to feel things but we are not meant to let them build up all inside.If you feel you want to cry, cry your heart out, write it down, share it with people you trust but never ever let emotions build up.It’s dangerous and can cripple your mind.

8)Take Care Of Your Appearance:- What you see on the outside determines how you feel inside and vice versa. Make sure you dress up your best and smell good.And by that I don’t mean you doll up or go in vain. All I am saying is ,do not find comfort in staying still in bed and letting time pass by. Get up, dress up and go out and see how beautiful life is!

9)Excercise:- A lot of how we feel is determined by what we eat and how active we are in our daily routine. An active mind will never have too much time to mull over things. I know it because I have been on that side of the road too ,wherein I would just sit idle for hours, feeling demotivated like everything has collapsed. So take out your active wear and release that negative energy

10)Stay Away From Social Media That’s Bad For You:- Social Media in itself is not bad, but what we choose to see or follow determines our thought process to a great extent. Watching content that adds no value to your life is simply a waste of time. Utilize social media in the best possible way. Watch motivational speeches, read autobiographies, create the type of content that’s relevant and valuable. It will not only satisfy your creative side but will also give you immense happiness knowing that what you share with people has value and has a purpose.

I hope all these points that I have shared is helpful to every reader, which is precisely my intent.If you like it,pls share with your friends, who can gain from it. Also do mention in the comments section if you want me to post on something specific that can help other readers.

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