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How To Manage Anxiety!

‘How To Manage Anxiety’! It’s no surprise that as we are becoming technologically more advanced we are also losing touch with real happiness. Cheaper network plans have led to more fruitless conversations. Expansion of social media has given platform to all kinds of mindsets. Owing to this we no longer have control over our own mind and most of the times find ourselves anxious and depressed. In this post I a sharing some of the useful tips that I apply in my everyday life to keep myself at peace and anxious free not most of the times but all the time.

1.Acknowledge:- The first thing to do when managing anxiety or overwhelming emotions is accept that it’s happening. Living in denial will not only lead to build up but also make it more prone to trigger later at a greater intensity.

2.Get clarity on exactly what you’re feeling:- I always try to write down my thoughts and feeling as it gives me clarity and helps me deal with it in a sensible way. Emotions scattered all over the mind are always tough to handle and it’s best to identify them one by one .

3.Sit in peace after wake up, during the day and before sleep:- I have always been that person who never paid much attention to meditation as I have a hyper active mind like a lot of people but in the last one year I have consciously made efforts to sit in peace and focus on nothing but a Positive Ray Of Inner Light’. I would be lying if I say it didn’t make me a better person. Meditation is the beginning of scrambling up your exhausted vibrations and feelings. Even if you can’t close your eyes just focus on your breathing and recognise how beautiful life is with all it’s imperfections.

4.Don’t watch too much news or violent content:-I personally stay away from anything and everything that creates an atmosphere of negativity, insecurity and anxiety. Yes it’s important to stay abreast with what’s happening around the world but letting it consume you is what we do not want to do. So stay away from anything that’ doesn’t lead to a better you, a positive you.

5.No phone time:- Admit it that phone as much as it is useful is also a reason why so many people have anxiety issues. May be our message hasn’t been read or someone is getting married while we still haven’t entered the dating zone, or getting affected by the the make-believe reality of Instagram pictures. We are only becoming a slave of other people’s perfect world which exists only on social media. That’s why it’s important to have ‘Me Time’ without any disturbance from the outside world.

6.STOP!Comparing!Stalking!Judging!:- I will be lying if I say I haven’t done all these things at some point in life. Yes I have, too religiously and you know how far it took me? To a no man’s land. I kept running into myself each time I tried to compare myself with people. I have learnt one important thing in life, it’s that you are unique and there’s no one like you. So stop comparing, stop stalking and most importantly stop judging.

7.Surround yourself with people who are better than you and who make you want to improve and do good in life:-Everything starts from what kind of a person you want to be. If you want to become a star you can’t hang around with filth and dirt. Yes it takes time, it takes efforts but trust me it will be worth it.

8.Learn to control your mind:- The one who masters the mind will always be peaceful, the one who’s a slave will always be a victim of it’s mischief. One of the ways you can control your mind is by developing habits and making them a ritual. For e.g. consuming only what helps you grow, controlling on how much to speak and how much to share with people.

These are some of the few habits that I inculcated in the last few years in order to achieve inner peace and have control over my mind. Anxiety is a common but don’t make it normal. Because when you make it normal to have it becomes a part of your life. Eventually we want to grow, we want to evolve and one of the first steps we can take towards this direction is by controlling unpleasant emotions like anxiety and insecurity. Also it’s a journey and not one day’s work. Keep at it!

I hope these points were helpful.have you ever experienced anxiety or are you still experiencing it? How do you deal with it? Do let me know in the comment section so can all earn from it.

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See you in next post!

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