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How To Reset Your Mind!

Is there anything stronger than the Human Mind? Yet so often we feel we have lost control over it. We might be so good at solving toughest of the equations, getting exact desired results at work but none of us really know what causes sudden bouts of anxiety and loss of control. In this post I am sharing a quick 3-step guide to Reset Your Mind when you experience such emotions! 

1.Write It Down:- Sit down, take out a piece of paper and write down everything you’ve been feeling. It could be any emotion like loss of power, lack of focus, feeling of extreme anger and happiness, jealousy etc. The more you process, clearer the thoughts become.

2. Try To Recall What You Have Been Consuming And Take Necessary Action:- Wether it’s food or the kind of content you watch or read, everything has a certain vibration which determines our mood levels. Junk food, foods that contain too much sugar or salt, alcohol, substance or anything that doesn’t give required nutrition to our body is considered to be Low-Vibration food.

Similarly watching too much news, violence, unsavoury drama, or stuff that incites extreme emotions, doesn’t add any value to your body and mind.

Personally I stick to ‘6:1 Rule’ which allows me one cheat meal a weak. The idea is to mostly follow a healthy diet without depriving yourself of cravings.

3. Tame Your Thoughts:- Our thoughts are usually determined by the conversation we have with ourselves and people. What you think or say throughout the day has a great impact on your mood. All you need to do is to make sure your conversations are positive and uplifting. Avoid indulging in gossip, bad- mouthing or anything that doesn’t add value to your life.

I never knew that consuming data could determine your mood levels to such an extent. If you don’t believe me try watching comedy for two days and see how your days go by the following week.

I shared the above mentioned points based on my recent experience with anxiety which left me clueless for days. That’s when I figured out this way and thought it could be useful to so many other people who might be in a similar situation as I was.

How Do You Reset Your Mind? Do You Have Your Own Ways To Handle Such Emotions That You Might Want To Share Here!

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