I Prioritise Myself!,  Soul food

I Prioritise Myself!


We get up in the morning on a blank slate of mind, but what do we do with it, we devote it to social media and chats and messages and random videos.Our slate starts to fill in the moment we lay our eyes on the first visual or action.That determines our energy and thought of the day.Ever realised the power of this precious energy we possess and which we so easily let go of.

More you give, more you get, its a simple rule in life.So why not start the day with ‘Gratitude’ for what we already have.We all want things in life, some sort of dream to come true, a passion to come to life but are we aware of the blessings we already have.An attitude of Gratitude always brings great rewards.I learnt it just a few years ago when I was hospitalised due to some form of sickness which I will talk about gradually.

But it’s never too late.Start today,start now,like right now!Devote your precious energy to yourself,towards gratitude and the blessings.It’s not only a feel-good thing but the rewards will surprise you!

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