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In The Times Of Corona!

1.I am finally getting to spend quality and quantity time with family.

2.I have realised yet once again ‘people’ is what matters the most, rest everything is secondary.

3.Expressing love and gratitude is the most underrated self expression.

4.Today’s contribution towards saving earth will reap fruits in the future.

5.Every adversity brings with it equal amount of opportunity’ – Napolean Hill

6.Take it slow, nobody is getting out alive nor would you take your possessions with you in the end. Live each moment, show kindness and love in actions.

7.Two is always better than one. Share, team up

8.If you think you have all the time in the world to do things, the pandemic would have made you aware of the fact how capricious time can be.

9.We all want to go backwards in certain areas of our lives.

10.Cooking is therapy, serving is redemption.

11.The greatest form of unconditional love is family love, they will always stick with you no matter what.

12.Take each day at a time, too much planning did’nt get anyone anywhere.

13.It’s ok to not be a genius but it’s not ok to not be kind. We all need love and empathy.

14 Your greatest source of inspiration sometimes comes when you are at your weakest.

15. Excercise is a great companion. 0. Home food feels much better than junk.(I am a die hard fan if french fries and pasta but nothing like home cooked dal)

16. Extending unexpected help and support makes you stronger and more confident.

17. It’s ok to just sometimes lay in bed and wonder ‘where is my life headed?’

18. There is power in prayer.

19. Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass and while we are still in the midst of crisis let’s just thank mother earth for her unconditional love.

20.Things fall apart when you don’t take care of them.Let’s not take resources for granted.! Let’s not take nature for granted!

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