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Life Is In Small Events!

‘Life Is In Small Events!’ I am writing this after an hour long conversation with a friend who casually justified a lie saying , “It’s a small time lie,it does’nt matter!” and I turned around and said “Life is about small events, big things are very few in number!” On a personal level that”s exactly what I have learnt from my two biggest inspirations i.e my parents.

Come to think of it,we spend 12 years in schooling just to experience that 1 day of hearing ‘Yes, your application has been accepted by our university!’ And that hapiness does’nt even last for a more than 10 days when we start to worry about getting a job and then getting married and more goals and more money in bank. All this while we wait for the big things to happen amd work towards them but in between this period do we really live life or do we just breathe unconsciously? Fact is, most of the people are indifferent towards happiness, if they were’nt,they all would be happy right where they are. And by no means it implies that one should’nt have goals, all I am saying is, paying attention to smaller things is as important as finding the purpose of life.

I’ll give you a real life incident. I once had my sunglasses stolen by a makeup artist at a shoot. Although I was upset about the whole incident, what got me more upset was the fact that the person who stole it did’nt come from a needy financial background, but she still did what she did. And then I wondered if these people have bigger dreams (which I am sure they do because everybody wants to make it big somewhere in this world) then how are they going to achieve it if their value system is not in place, if their everyday life is not backed by ethics, integrity and honesty. Someone once said to me “Right and wrong is all about how you take it!”. Trust me I had never heard of anything as repugnant as this. Right and wrong is not a subjective feeling, it’s a well thought out action that determines the course of our lives. So yes, it matters if what you are doing or thinking is intended to do someone wrong.

If I am lying about small things, it is still a lie. Same way if I am dishonest about even the smallest aspects of life, it is still considered as dishonesty and from whatever I know when time comes for us to be rewarded for our hardwork, all these shortcuts we took, accumulate and are taken into consideration. It’s a fact that successful people have successful relationships and they put the same amount of hardwork in everything they do, personal and professional both

Success is not easy and it’s not because of the talent and hardwork required, it’s because most of the people fail at the foundation level of values. Everybody wants to take the elevator but nobody wants to climb the ladder!

Therefore I am gonna take it slow, making sure I cherish the people I have and stay true to who I really am rather than trying to fit in! I am gonna ask myself questions, make corrections, learn and evolve because it does matter to me.

On a lighter note I just want to say ‘Live big today, right at this moment, this is the real big event, rest is all the result of it!’

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