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Lockdown Thoughts…

The beauty of lull period is that although it seems like an end, it takes you back to the beginning of certain phases in life that marked important things in life. Yes, I have been thinking a lot, writing a lot, evolving a lot and I can’t justifiably put this feeling of Gratitude into words…Here, sharing some really random thoughts, that are shaping my mind these days…

1.Invest in people, in good people, they are worth a thousand years of good karma..

Investing here also doesn’t mean using them, it means you give away more than you take

2. Real ‘Happiness’ comes from small joys and we all know what those small joys are!

3.We are the brightest star in our own narration but sometimes we must let others shine too in our story, there’s absolute joy in sharing your sparkle! 

4.Why is it important to invest in good friends?

1.They will keep you in one piece even when you are all broken.

2.They will remind you how strong you were before you started to doubt yourself.

3.They will give you reasons to do better in life.

4.They will keep your actions in check. 

Remember, only good people can become good friends too!

5. The Pandemic did’nt make me realise how great my People are, I always knew what amazing human beings they are. It did’nt make me reflect on my actions, I have always been practicing it to make sure I am Kind and do not hurt people. It did’nt make me realise my Best Friend’s worth, I always knew she is Priceless. It did not suddenly make me Grateful to the ‘Gift Of Life’, I have always been grateful to life, even during the not-so-good days.

But it did make me realise one important thing ie if you are kind and have faith as tiny as the size of a mustard seed, the universe will show you that it has your back! Have faith in Life!

6. Sometimes it’s not the tunnel which is dark, it’s you who needs to let the light enter and for that one must seek, seek and seek.

7. Forgive and Forget! Almost anything and everything can be put into perspective if you look at people from a Human Angle! Let go and move on! Life is beautiful and there’s so much ahead of you that you are yet to experience.

8. True test is when you display the same ‘Strength of Character’ and ‘Kindness of Heart’ which you did when the times were good. And yes, you will always be tested and questioned by life.

9. It takes just one strong-willed thought to be on either side…All you need is to determine which side you want to be at…Choice will always be yours! 

Lastly, if and when you start to question the ‘Purpose of Life’ remember this…

To every person who didn’t choose the easy just because it was available

To every person who cried silently behind the doors

To every person who displayed kindness irrespective of the outcome

To every person who silently prays for everybody’s well being including the ones who hurt

To every person who kept calm and prayed instead of getting even

To every person who is still trying to join the pieces and figure out the why

Hang in there! It will pay off! It will all make sense! Just keep walking the path of purpose! 

What’s shaping your mind these days when the entire world has come to a standstill?

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