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MY TOP 7 RULES TO ABUNDANCE! Abundance comes when you follow a positive pattern in your everyday life. Here are my 7 rules to abundance and living a joyful life irrespective of the circumstances:-

1.GRATITUDE:-No matter what I always look for things to be grateful for, even in the times when life feels dull and nothing seems to be working out. And I don’t do it expecting anything in return,I do it because it’s a fact that we all have things to be grateful for and more often than not we tend to forget about them.For e.g..Air, food and water are more important than achieving goals but how often do we spend time thinking that we are fortunate to have access to most of the basic necessities .When in doubt ,feel grateful towards the gifts of  nature for without it we wouldn’t imagine breathing a single second.

2.DON’T LIVE JUST FOR YOURSELF, ADD VALUE TO PEOPLE’S LIFE:-Every single day, we get several opportunities to add value to people’s life by either motivating them or helping them or saying nice things like ‘Thank You’, ‘You’re doing a great job’. I know these are simple things but in my personal experience very impactful.So wether I am at a grocery store or at my swimming lessons or even going to work I make sure I motivate people I meet or say something nice that they would remember at least for the next few hours.You see, bringing smile on people’s face is what I love the most❤️

3.DO ONE THING EVERYDAY THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY:-By now you must have realised that I am a firm believer in self-love and I do treat myself like the best person I know.So everyday I do one thing that makes me happy. It could be reading ,swimming, cooking pasta or video calling my sister(who is literally my other half😍).The happier you are ,younger you look!

4.NEVER EVER SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO TURN YOUR SMILE INTO A FROWN:-And that’s why you must invest in people, to analyse who is worth your time and who’s not. Life is not short but it’s too precious to spend time with people who don’t get you!

5.EXPRESS AND CONFESS:-I am a sucker for expressing and saying it all and once in a while I send long messages of gratitude and love to my family. It’s important to express love, it fills your body with joy and takes away the burden of holding back. Initially your family and friends might freak out at the outburst of emotions but trust me it will not only strengthen your bond, it will take your relationship with them to the next level.So pick up that phone and confess!

6.NEVER EVER FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF:- You are a masterpiece and there is absolutely no reason you should ever feel sorry for yourself. I have a personal story to share here.For a long time I feared water, so much so that every time I would look at the sea or a pool, it would suffocate me with fear. So I tried to conquer my fear instead of feeling sorry for myself.I started to go for swimming lessons(which was really a pathbreaker for me). It’s been just 12 days(I started on 8th feb 2019) and now I not only just float, I can swim(atleast the basic) and I do not fear water anymore. You can go to my Insta page see where I post my swimming videos. And if I can do it,anybody can!

There is nothing you cannot achieve and nothing you cannot overcome. Celebrate yourself for your strengths and weakness for nobody is perfect and our flaws make us unique!

7.EVOLVE,EVOLVE AND EVOLVE:- If you are not learning ,you are not evolving and if you are not evolving you might as well die. This is a fact and a beautiful one that gives us the motivation to keep learning. The one who does’nt learn is nothing more than a food kept in the refrigerator for several days ready to be discarded. Learning not only makes us a better person, it gives us the purpose of life. God did’nt create us so we could just sit back and relax and watch tv, he gave us this life to experience the evolution and see how beautiful change can be when we are open to it.

And I just want to say that embracing what you have is the password to ABUNDANCE. Do not overlook your present!

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Thank you! See you in next post ❤️

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