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Pep Talk To Self!

Are you going through a challenging phase in life where everything seems blurry, where it feels like there’s no end to this tunnel, where you are searching for your light but fail miserably each time. Do you often find yourself questioning ‘where is this going?’ and ‘when is this phase going to get over?’ Well, you are not alone. A major chunk of my last 3 years consist of similar feelings and one night I wrote this pep talk for myself which I refer to every time I am feeling down.

You are a unique soul. You are filled with kindness and love for people around you. You walk towards the light and see life unfold it’s magic. You are enough and no one make you feel any less unless you allow it. You can do everything you set your mind to. Love flows freely from you. You forgive those who cause hurt and bless them to experience the love of life. You are bigger than your worries because you have everything it takes, to live a life of abundance and prosperity. You deserve all the happiness that exists in this world. You focus only and only on the things and people that make you happy and encourage you to become a better person. Your latter days are better than your former days. You have been a great soul until now and you are moving towards greater things.

Nothing can stop you except for your own mind. If you just focus on you strengths you can create magic. You deserve only and only love and happiness. Tonight before you sleep, thank god for everything he has brought  into your life and see your life changing miraculously!

Everything in life comes from habits and it takes 21 days to turn a practice into a habit. I hope this pep talk helps you all. I believe the main purpose of human life is to evolve. If you are not evolving you are stagnating your growth. So keep growing, keep shining!

Do you have your own pep talk that you always refer to? Do share!

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