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The Magic Of Love!

It’s 10:25 pm here in Mumbai, way past my bed time, and it’s also a Sunday, the day I miss my family the most. (Back at home Sunday is a shopping day with mum and sis).I have a very sweet and loving family in Delhi.Growing up I would always see mum and dad keeping it all together no matter the circumstances. From financial crisis to personal crisis we have seen it all and one thing that remains common between us is ‘Love’.Love for each other and love for life. If it was not for the love that I have witnessed over the years in my family and which I still do, I would have lost faith and hope in the magic of life long ago. We celebrate life each day and I can proudly say that I come from a family that survives solely on one thing and that is love. I know as a word and topic ‘love’ can be quite overwhelming to understand and we may never quite know completely what it means to love someone. But let me still try and figure out what I know of this magic.

When I see mum and dad together, I see innocence, I see compassion, I see selflessness and I also see the desire to want to be together irrespective of the circumstances. I see respect and I see the child like glitter in their eyes. I see the fulfilment of the vows and I see the promise to make each other a part of their lives everyday, every moment. Does that mean they have never fought with each other or resented certain decisions or have never gone days without talking to each other? Of course they have, a million times .But what makes them perfect is the fact that they know they complete each other.

In so many years of me living away from home, I have understood the value of love even more. It’s not only a feeling, it’s a necessity. We all want to be loved no matter how successful we are. It probably comes from the human nature that always wants to be acknowledged. And those who say they are self sufficient, are either lying or are too weak to accept.

Personally I have seen the magic of love so many times in my life.It has saved me from a life threatening disease, it has made so many of my dreams come true, it has made me stronger when I thought all has come to an end.

I may not be the perfect girl around but one thing that I know for sure and that makes me a winner(at least I would like to believe so) is that I acknowledge the power of love.I know how strong it is and I know what all it can do.And that’s why wherever I go, I make sure I give love to life and the people around for it’s the only thing that determines our course of life. Look at it this way, if you don’t’ love your plant and water it, it will eventually die. Same way if you don’t love the people around you or your family or your partner, they will eventually become distant .

On that note I  just have one important thing to say to all the readers, that whatever you do in life, and I am not only  talking about career, I am talking about every act, every word that comes out, every intention that you keep in your heart towards your family, friends, your partner and  people around, make sure you give it all the love you have. It will not only complete your life, it will unfold the magic that exists underneath. Love is an effort and those who have mastered it ,live a life king size, just like my dad.

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