Top 10 Hair Myths And Facts

Here is a list of top 10 Hair Myths And Facts everybody should know before you start to follow any particular hair care routine.

1.Brushing your hair too often is good:-Myth

Excessive pulling and friction will only care breakage and lead to splitting ends. Instead massage your scalp gently once a day to increase blood circulation.

2.Hair gets used to the shampoo:-May be or may be not

I know a lot of magazines and experts say it’s a myth but in my experience if I use the same shampoo for more than 3 months, my hair tends to become oily after the wash therefore I have to keep changing my shampoo. I don’t know if it’s the product build up or something else. If you are unsure experiment and see how your hair reacts.

3. Leaving oil overnight will nourish your hair better:-Myth

Your scalp can only absorb that much and leaving oil overnight or for more than 2-4 hrs will only attract dirt. Ideally apply oil only on scalp and ends to avoid using shampoo excessively and leave it on for just 45 min to 4 hrs before washing it off.

4.Styling hair into a braid will make it grow faster:-Myth

Your hair is not stuck inside your scalp that you can pull it and make it grow faster.Hair is made of proteins and crowns on it’s own depending upon your genes, lifestyle and diet. Follow a healthy hair care routine and when at home or sleeping loosely tie them into braid or ponytail.

5.Heat causes split ends:- 100 % True

Blow drying, using hot hair tools and too much exposure to sun strips all the goodness and nutrition from hair leaving it dry and dull. Instead use cool mode while drying hair and wear a scarf or cap while stepping out. This will protect your hair from developing split ends caused by heat.

6.Dandruff and White flakes are the same:- Not Always

Dandruff is caused by oily scalp, by over production of dead cells.Dandruff is actually a yeast fungus whereas White flakes are caused by a dry scalp and by scratching too much. Make sure to wash hair regularly and apply a suitable condition after every wash.

7.Hair grows faster when you trim it regularly:- Myth

Hair doesn’t from from the ends. It grows from the scalp and trimming it too often will retain the same length. Ideally get your hair trimmed every six months to get rid of dead ends.

8.Grey hair happens due to stress:-True

Extreme stress tampers with the melanin content in your hair follicles. Stress less, LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME and SMILE OFTEN.

9.If I pull one grey hair two will grow in it’s place:-Myth

Each hair has a life of it’s own life and follicle. But at the same time pulling hair can lead to a condition called alopecia (loss of hair)or alopecia totals(complete loss of hair).Do not pull grey hair, if you want you can use Ammonia free hair colour available in the market e.g. Bblunt

10.Tight ponytails and buns can lead to bald patches:- True

Pulling hair too much can cause hair to break abruptly which may cause alopecia. Try to use a ruffle band or scrunchie more often.

Hair is as much a part of us as make up is.I t can either enhance your look or make you look dull even if you put on the best make up available in the market. Take care of your hair like how you take care of your body.

Disclaimer:- I am not a Trichologist. I am only sharing what I have experienced and researched over the years, hope it helps!

Do let me know in the comment section if these points were helpful to you. Want to know more about hair care and how to achieve healthy and longer hair fast :-

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