Traveller’s Checklist!

Breakfast in Paris, lunch in New York! Sounds interesting right!I was very fortunate to have lived this lifestyle for a long time and I can tell you, if there’s something I have mastered apart from understanding people, it’s how to pack my world in bags of all shapes and sizes. So here is my basic checklist for all kinds of travel:-

  • DOCUMENTS:-ID proof, hotel and travel booking documents(or soft copy),Valid Visa(If applicable)
  • Important Contact nos:-It’s always good to have important phone numbers(family, friends, local embassy, local emergency helpline) written somewhere in your diary or a piece of paper so that incase your phone runs out of the batter or if it gets stolen, you at least know who to call.
  • Keep some emergency money (separate from your wallet):-This will come handy in situations like if there’s a curfew or for some reasons you don’t have access to your ATM card or wallet.
  • Basic first aid:-Keep basic medicines like paracetamol, pain killer, band-aid and antiseptic swabs, ORS, candies, motion sickness tablets.
  • A small pouch that contains:-Wet wipes, lip balm, sunscreen, sanitary napkin, sanitiser, safety pins, portable charger, eye mask.
  • Few plastic or Zip lock bags:-In case the toiletries in your bag start to leak or break while travelling, you can always control the damage by putting them in a plastic or ziplock bag.You can also use it to prevent your dirty laundry from getting in direct contact with the rest of the stuff in your bag.
  • Spare lock:-Incase you are visiting the local beach and you want to carry a smaller bag, you can use the spare lock to keep it safe.

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