Soul food

When you feel all has come to an end, play your favourite music!

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It’s hard to believe but music has a direct connection with our thoughts.Play one single scene from a movie with 3 different background scores and see the difference it makes. From action to thriller to romance you will get what you play. Music determines our mood to a great extent. Jazz is hopeful, while violin brings romance.Music takes us to horizons we never knew existed.And when I say music,I don’t mean the party noise. I am talking about melodies, songs,symphonies.I have symphonies attached to each one of my memories, good or bad.And when I want to relive a certain time of my life,I switch to the music that connects me to it.

There are times when one feels like everything is coming to an end don’t know where to stat from. It could be a failed business, a not so fulfilling relationship or losing a loved one or not being able to find the purpose of life, there will always be things we would be unable to get hold of. During such times one doesn’t know where to start from. I say, start from music and see how it elevates your mind.

I am a live example of how music has changed my life.When I saw it all falling apart, I changed the melody and it made me laugh and laugh like how could I be so stupid to take life so seriously.

So next time you feel not so god about life, select the mood you want to experience and tune the music accordingly.

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