Soul food



1.Healing:- Is a journey. Rome was’nt built in a day. Allow yourself to feel every emotion. Eventually you will get there.

2.Positivity:-Anything and everything that brings out joy(without intending to cause harm to one another) and eventually leads to long lasting happiness.

3:Happiness:- A State of mind. Content yet growing. 

4.Pain:- Is temporary. Don’t get attached to it.

5.Praying:- Is surrendering. 

6.Evolve:-Working to become a better you each day.

7.Gratitude:- Express for what you have before you pray for more.

8.Living:- With gratitude! With Kindness

9.Integrity:- Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

10.Communication:- Keep it active and honest!

11.Soulmate:-Is Yin to your Yang

12.Faith:- Is knowing that it’s all going to fall into place.

13.Apology:- Is meant to not commit the same mistake again! 

14.Love:-Is a commitment not just a feeling. You don’t love when you feel like. You commit and live upto it.

15.Empathy:-Is what we all need today.

16.Kindness:-Is selfless

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