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5 Ways To Practice Self- Love!

They say only when your own cup is full of love, you will have enough to give away. Self-love has never been so relevant as it is today. More so because social media sets unrealistic standards of happiness which makes us feel ‘Not-Good-Enough’. In this post I will share 5 things I practice daily to make sure I am treating myself right.

  1. Self-love Affirmations:- I start my day with 5 affirmations that mainly consist of my relationship with myself. These are:-
    • I am the best version of myself
    • I am perfect the way I am.
    • I deserve Love and Happiness.
    • I inspire others to love themselves.
    • I am in complete alignment with the Universe.

2. Putting my Mental Peace before anything else:- Someone long ago taught me a very beautiful concept; Mental Space. eveverytime I doubt my actions or thoughts or people I am surrounded with, I ask myself just one question; ‘Is it worth my mental space?’. If the answer is ‘No’, I don’t even think about it. This has saved me from so much time, which I further invest in doing things that truly make me happy.

3. ‘How am I feeling?’:- I ask myself this question almost every few hours. It’s like a mental check wherein I make sure I don’t get caught up in the man-made chaos and appreciate everything Universe has blessed us with.

4. Spend time doing daily chores:- In my experience, spending few minutes a day doing house chores keeps me mentally and physically fit and helps me focus on little things that go a long way. I usually organise my work area, vanity space or do Kitchen clean up and listen to podcasts simultaneously.

5. Spend lone time:- I have been living on my own since I was 17 yrs old. Owing to which I have got a great deal of clarity on what I like and what needs to stay out of my life. Even when I am home with family, I make sure to take out an hour a day reading or writing things that help me align my whole self with the Universe.

How do you practive self-love?

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  • goldenwings

    Most definately! Skin care is a huge part of self-love and boosts confidence. Keep it up!

  • Gauri

    Self love is really important. I kind of start it with taking care of myself, my skin especially. I nourish it on rgular basis with Natural & Organic products.

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