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    Diwali 2020

    Diwali in my house has always been about Love, Mithai and dressing up. I love festivals and even though I don’t go out much during festivals I love my vanity time. Here’s a sneak peak into two of my Diwali outfits for this year.

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    Yes,I am guilty!

    Munich is probably my favourite city when it comes to shopping.Great discounts accompanied with the famous Gluhwein! And I remember this day very clearly!It was days after my first decent pay cheque,I was wandering at Hauptbahnhof when the Louis Vuitton bag at the display caught my eye.I stopped for a second and said to myself-‘You earned it,now go get one!’.I still treasure my bag not as luxury but a sweet memory and yes I still have the receipt safely kept in my memory box!❤️

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    At Yosemite National Park

    Dress:-forever21 Nature has it’s own way of casting its spell.At Yosemite,you just keep wondering how is it possible to feel so much at peace with so many people around.But isn’t it what nature does! This pic was totally unplanned and at a forbidden spot at Yosemite.But I captured my moment and that was all!

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    Into the woods!In Zurich!

    Solo travel has always given me the most enriching experiences! When everybody was busy capturing the beauty of Interlaken,I found myself a quiet bench uphill and pretended to walk like there is some backstory playing in my head😜

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    Deck the halls!

    Christmas is and will always be my favourite time of the year! At The St.Regis,Mumbai My favourite memory of 2018.Nothing fancy,just some good food with christmas jazz.True joy comes from the simplest of the things!

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