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How To Keep Going, Always!

‘There is light towards the end of the tunnel’! But how does one reach the end of the tunnel? Perseverance! Motivation! Will Power! Or Prayer!

How do some people always stay motivated and on the right path amidst confusion and tough times while others break at the smallest defeat? 

The answer lies in how well you live each day. One of the traits I have found in most of the successful happy people is that they keep going. They don’t stop and mull over small things. When things get tougher they do the best they can even if it means taking a step back and evaluating. I used to watch a lot of high powered motivational videos until I realised all it does is get me anxious a few hours later. I then figured that staying motivated is something your pursue everyday, it’s a mindset choice that one makes. It’ s not something you achieve instantly and that’s why one must not rely on motivation alone to keep going instead inculcate Discipline. Following your path even when there is nothing that motivates you, is Discipline. And that is what leads one to the end of the tunnel.  

Life will not always be easy and it will not always be difficult too. But one thing that will always remain constant is it’s passing.

Make kind choices, rely on self for motivation, persevere but don’t overthink, live each day with the freshness of the first, pray, take care of yourself, love and most importantly have faith in the universe, it always finds strange ways of  rewarding people who trust it’s functioning!

How do you keep going? Do you have anything to add to this post that can benefit our readers? If yes, feel free to share in the comment section.

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