How To Maintain A Healthy Weight! Simple Easy Steps!

Maintaining weight can seem like a task but not when you simplify your eating habits and lifestyle. I admit that not all the problems related to weight come from food,sometimes it could be hormonal or genetics but I believe we all can control certain aspects of our body system if we make small changes.

Here are my few personal tips on how to manage your weight:-

1.DRINK ENOUGH WATER:-Water not only keeps you full but it also detoxifies our body. When you stay hydrated, you feel less hungry at odd hours and you would have more energy to complete daily tasks.

2.STOP EATING BEFORE YOU ARE FULL:-You will not only control overeating but you also enjoy the food more. One of the reasons we accumulate fats and sugars is because we don’t know when to stop eating. You don’t need to eat till you feel you can’stuff anymore food inside your body. Eat in moderation.

3.AVOID SECOND HELPING:-Plate your food carefully making sure it looks like it contains everything you need to achieve a healthy body. And avoid refills and second helpings,this way you avoid overeating.

4.EXCEERCISE FOR 40 MINUTES EVERYDAY:-Even if you don’t feel like doing heavy cardio everyday, make sure you indulge in some form of physical excercise everyday. You could go for jog or walk to your work place(if it’s not too far) or take staircase instead of using the elevator.

5.SLEEP FOR 8 HRS:-I can’t even begin to tell you how important sleep is.Our body repairs only when it’s resting. When you don’t rest enough you feel lazy and that’s when you eat without thinking and get complacent in lazyness.

6.DECREASE CAFFEINE:-Caffeine in moderation is good but it also keeps your body awake at times when you should be resting. It not only dehydrates your body ,but the milk and sugar that comes with it spikes the sugar levels.

7.EAT ON TIME:- Our body functions well when it follows a routine. Irregular eating hours not only distrupts the metabolic activity but it also keeps you lethargic. Also make sure not to eat 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

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