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My top 10 shopping destinations!


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Shopping is an integral part of my personality and I shop at any given oppurtunity. In fact the only time I am awestruck looking at something is not when I see a good looking man, it’s when I see a store window mannequin dressed in a perfect couture. I can be quite emotional when it comes to clothes and I have a very loyal relationship with them.I treat them nice and with a lot of love. I have memories attached to almost each one of my dresses and they are as much a part of me as my family. I can’t begin to explain how much I love stores, the fragrance of unworn fabric ,the perfectly placed handbags on each shelf and the oh-so-confident heels all these things define how meaningful things can be depending upon how you look at them. I look at my dresses as my other half . 

I was very fortunate that because of my previous job I got to shop at many different cities and trust m the world is full of nice red dresses. So here are my top 10 favourite shopping destinations.

10.High Street Phoenix Mall,Linking Road and Hill Road,:Mumbai:-Mumbai is the hub of entertainment and it’s the home of India’s famous designers. One of the best malls of the country High Street Phoenix is in Mumbai too. It hosts brands such as Zara, Hamleys, Bath and Body works at the higher end and Biz Bazaar at the lower end. But my all time favourite is Hill Road and Linking Road(both are quite close to each other). If you are looking at shopping in budget yet fashionable stuff then this is the place.From clothes to bags to footwear and make up there is nothing that you won’t find here.

9.Milan,Italy:-Yes we all know Milan is the fashion city but what I really like about this city is that it caters to all budgets when it comes to shopping.  Italians take fashion very seriously. I have picked up some of my favourite dresses from the local shops in Milan. I have a flare for well fitted dresses and I simply  love the way they cut their apparel, so feminine, so perfect . It’s hard to find such perfection elsewhere. I also like their local perfumes which come in small fancy bottles costing between 5-10 Euros.

8.San Francisco,California(This city is my first love):- I could be biased here but SFO is definitely one of  my favourite cities to shop. I have wonderful memories attached to the city and a lot of them consist of my shopping time in Union Square, Downtown. It has all the shopping brands located not too far from each other. Apart from Westfield and Nordstrom there are a lot of flagship and luxury retail stores like Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Banana Republic, Desigual. You can also find Forever 21 plus store.

7.Bugis Street,Singapore:- I have lived in Singapore for a long time and I can confidently say that Bugis Street houses the best fashion at the most affordable prices. Leather,Chiffon,Wedding gowns, junk jewellery, handbags,you name it and they have it. It’s the largest and probably the best shopping street in Asia and for all the obvious reasons.

6.Broadway Street,New York:-Along with the buzz that Times Square creates, this place also boasts of being house to some of the major fashion brands like .You can find all your favourite fashion stores here like H&M,Zara, Urban Outfitters. Shopping in New York  is incomplete without making a stop at the famous and Hollywood’s most loved brand Tiffany’s at the 5th Avenue.

5.Premium Outlets,Houston(My pick):-Houston is home to some of the biggest factory outlets. With great discounts and all brands under one roof, it’s like comfort shopping. If you are lucky you can buy your favourite brands for as cheap as at 50% discount. My favourite is the one at Hempstead Road, well spaced out and you will find most of the brands here.

4.Munich,Germany:-I am including Munich here because my sister loves the winter jackets that I got for her from Munich. Also I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag here so it will always be special. Of course there is  Oberpollinger, where you will find a wide range of fashion, beauty, home and living products.

3.Lajpat Nagar and Chandni Chowk, New Delhi:-I grew up in Delhi and there is nothing more I like to do than spend my day shopping on the streets of Lajpat Nagar with mum and my sister. My favourite one is this store called ‘ Incense’ which has gained popularity in the last 3-4 years. Its a 4 storeys store and they keep all kinds of fashion like skirt, crop top, jumper, denims. And all this at very affordable prices. Another favourite shopping place is Chandni Chowk which is widely known for Indian bridal and wedding wear. One can find second copy of almost all the major designer collections at less than half the price.

2.Myeongdong, Seoul :-Your trip to Seoul is not complete if you haven’t been to Myeongdong. This place features food carts, shopping malls,entertainment.Most of the stores here provide tax-free claims which is like an icing on the cake. This place is really a Fashion Wonderland. Korea is known for skin-care products  and this is where you can find them all. My favourite is Innis free and Nature Republic and Laneige. Do checkout their leather bags too.They are good quality and very reliable.

1.Primark,Oxford Street,London:And at number1 spot we have PRIMARK. I would never miss a chance to visit Primark. From bags to clothes to make and daily usage products there is nothing that you can’t find at Primark. This place is like a shopper’s treat and why not! Where else will you find good quality, affordable prices, enough space to walk about and a decent number of trial rooms! In just 100 pounds one can really buy a lot of things at Primark.


All the above mentioned places are my personal recommendations that came from my  shopping experience while visiting the respective cities. Also I have my own way to shop and things I look for while at stores.I hope you enjoyed reading!


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