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Protect your happiness!

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers


Most of us on an average meet 5 people everyday or at least talk to. As human, we tend to absorb everything we see and experience.Whatever we absorb, determines our state of mind and our thought process. Therefore, it’s important who and what we surround us with.For eg.there is this person X who is constantly trying to belittle you or trying to pull you down every time he is around and you are very well aware of his habits.In this case to protect your own happiness you must try your best to keep away from him.

Now,I am not saying that you despise people but it’s only wise to cut ties or avoid people who disturb your peace and happiness in some way or the other.I have always been someone who is very careful of the people around and for the same reasons I do not jump to every conversation offer.Because at the end of the day,I is all I have with me and I must make every effort to protect my happiness.

Also keep in mind that you can take care of only a handful of meaningful relationships.Quality over quantity brings great rewards and true happiness.

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