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    Habits For Inner Peace And Positivity !

    1.Stop Judging:- Inviting positive energy always starts with letting positive thoughts in and discarding  the rest. One of the most common habits that most people struggle with is constant judging. Realise that everybody is different and to expect them to act according to your level growth is not right. No one is liable to conform to your principles. Stop judging and accept people for their individuality. More you accept, more peace it gives you. 2.Focus on your own growth:- Sit in peace, close your eyes and pay attention to your lifestyle. What are your constant thoughts, what are the things that you would want to unlearn, how can you be the…

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    Protect your happiness!

      Most of us on an average meet 5 people everyday or at least talk to. As human, we tend to absorb everything we see and experience.Whatever we absorb, determines our state of mind and our thought process. Therefore, it’s important who and what we surround us with.For eg.there is this person X who is constantly trying to belittle you or trying to pull you down every time he is around and you are very well aware of his habits.In this case to protect your own happiness you must try your best to keep away from him. Now,I am not saying that you despise people but it’s only wise to…

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