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    Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

    Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know! In this post I have shared Self Tried beauty hacks that would not only save you time and money but also benefit you in the longer run. Use a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation for everyday makeup. (I personally love Lotus Safe Sunscreen SPf 40)This way your skin will get the benefit of sunscreen as well as not have clogged pores from foundation. Use mascara if you don’t have eyebrow pencil:- Take excess off and use mascara brush to fill up your brows. I discovered this hack one day when I realised I am not carrying my brow filler and have to do with…


    Dealing with Acne!

    Acne is one situation almost everybody deals with, at some point in life.A lot of times it takes away our confidence leaving us helpless and disappointed.Let’s understand the causes first and how to deal with them specifically:- 1.Lifestyle:–Our skin is at it’s healthiest when it’s free from toxins. Excess consumption of oil, spices, protein, salt, sugar, caffeine, fats etc may lead to build up of toxins in our body which further causes acne, skin tags, whiteheads etc.Therefore it’s important to eat healthy and ┬ámore of water based food and also to exercise daily to free our body of toxins. 2.Touching face frequently:-The skin on our face is extremely sensitive to…